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Total Days of Riding: 3 days

Total Elevation: 3380m

ūüĒī Day 1 (1250m)

ūüü° Day 2 (1800m)

ūüüĘ Day 3 (780m)

Total Distance: 120km

ūüĒī Day 1 (65km)

ūüü° Day 2 (65km)

ūüüĘ Day 3 (35km)

Please note:

  • You will ride the Team Challenge route
  • No prize money for the Solo Challenge
  • Only Two Categories: Men & Women

What to look forward to

The Solo Stage Race allows all solo riders to take part in an epic event over 3-days. It offers cyclists the chance to compete against other riders in a fun yet challenging environment. You can test your skills and endurance during this multi-day race while meeting like-minded individuals and enjoying the beauty Sabie has to offer. Apart from competing on your own all benefits this race has to offer are similar to the Team Challenge Event.

What to expect

  • Gravel Roads Explore the outstanding natural beauty, rugged landscapes, peaks, and stunning dams.
  • Single Track Enjoy the beauty and the thrill of riding on trails that can be both challenging and rewarding.
  • Affordable A race that doesn‚Äôt break the bank and value for money.
  • Well Organised Well-thought-out routes provide each rider with an experience of a lifetime.
  • Fun & Adventure We never underestimate the importance of fun and offer great vibes at a family friendly event.
  • Fun In Nature Trails that offers breathtaking nature scenes and spectacular water falls in pristine mountain streams.

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