13/11 - 15/11

Mpumalanga, Sabie


Fun Ride


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* The (Fun Ride Route) is subject to change due to forestry operations

Race Summary

Fun Ride - Information

18 Km “Fun Ride” for the beginners, intermediates, and ankle biters!

In keeping with our mission to keep race entrants’ family members, local recreational riders and the Sabie community involved, there will be an 18km Fun Ride for beginners and intermediate riders to join in the MTB fun on Saturday 2 May 2020.

The route will form part of stage two of the Team Lite stage race, using the first 5 km of tar road, and the final 12km of the stage, incorporating many sections of single and jeep tracks used by visiting tourists on a regular basis.

The Fun Ride will start 10 minutes after the Team Extra Lite Race, and riders will be back at the finish to watch the Stage Race winners cross the line.

There will be optional “chicken run” sections to avoid any technical sections which they may want to avoid.

The Fun Ride will be open to all riders 10 years and older, as at 31 December 2020. We recommend that children between 8 and 10 years, not yet proficient with riding single tracks and over bridges, should be accompanied by an adult.

Registration for the Fun Ride will take place on Thursday and Friday from 14h00, and Saturday morning from 05h30 at the Floreat Riverside Lodge Conference Centre.

All riders (or parents of children under 18 years) must sign an indemnity, conforming to the rules, and wear a recognised hard-shell helmet. It is not a race, but riders will be timed.

Entries will cost R100 per rider. No temporary racing licence fee is required. All proceeds from this event will go directly to a local charity for orphans, or homeless children. Local, previously disadvantaged riders may enter for free, as long as they wear a helmet and have a roadworthy bike.

Route Maps

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