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Sabie Xperience

Sabie Xperience

Experience a well organised, challenging stage race in the beautiful escarpment mountains around sabie.


Sabie Xperience 2020

COVID -19 Regulations and Protocols to be adhered to.

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  • Entrants only, no supporters or family (other than a parent in the case of a minor to sign indemnity) may enter the venue on Thursday 12 November between 14h00 and 18h00 to pick up bags and race numbers.
  • Persons entering the venue must wear masks, temperature recorded and screened at the door, and personal details recorded for tracking and tracing. Any person having a temperature of 37,5 degrees C and above will not be permitted to enter and turned away.
  • Social distancing protocols at the registration desks will be adhered to and monitored.
  • Once registration process is completed entrants are expected to leave without hanging around to wait for friends or socialise.
  • Toilet facilities will be available at the venue. Please sanitize before entering and after exiting the toilets.


  • Only riders allowed at the venue – NO Spectators, only rider and team support persons, and parents of minor children riding in the Team Lite Race.
  • No person will be allowed to access the Race Venue without the following compulsory items:
    • Mask or Buff
    • Pre-filled Water bottles or Camelbak
    • Helmet
    • Bicycle
    • Number Board (from Registration BEFORE race day)
  •  Practise proper social distancing at all times – no physical contact between any persons please. Always keep your bike between yourself and the next rider. Always wear your mask / buff to cover both your nose and mouth at the same time, at the venue and Refreshment Stations. You may remove your mask / buff during racing and when eating or drinking at a Refreshment Station.
  • Sanitization stations will be available throughout the venue, please look out for these and make use of them as much as possible.
  • Riders must arrive at venue 45 – 30 minutes prior to the start of their race start time. Please do not arrive too early.
  • All riders entering the venue will pass by 1) a sanitization station at the gate and then 2) through the Screening and Scanning area where your temperature will be taken and questionnaire completed.
  • Any person registering above 37.5 degrees or who does not qualify according to the basic questionnaire will not be allowed to access the venue or race.
  • From the scanning area riders may proceed directly to the batch holding areas and await their start.
  • Toilet facilities will be available at the venue. Please sanitize before entering and after exiting the toilets.
  • Coffee, cool drink and take away vendors will also be at the venue. If you sit down anywhere, ensure that social distancing rules are adhered to as for a restaurant. Again, we encourage riders to sanitize before and after doing their purchases.
  • Social Distancing rules apply at the water points as well. When stopping at a water point, please cover your mouth and nose with a buff or mask and only touch the items you will keep with you.
  • Refreshment Stations will be touchless, and bananas, energy bars  pre-packaged.
  • Hydration fluids will be dispensed from a container using a tap which will be sanitised after use.
  • Tech Stations will have dispensers of lubricants etc, which will be sanitised after each application.
  • At the Finish, proceed directly out of the fenced finish area where they can collect a sealed hydration drink. Finisher Medals will be on a supervised table after the line for those finishing the Time Trial.
  • Unfortunately, we do NOT encourage riders to hang around for long at the venue after completion of their race. Take away food and drink will be available for purchase. As mentioned there will be sealed container beverages on sale and limited spaced seating will be available, but only under strict social distancing protocols as specified for a restaurant.
  • Please leave the venue at your earliest convenience to minimise the Covid risk as much as possible.
  • Cut-offs will be enforced on the route so please be aware of these in the rules and announced at the start if any changes are envisaged due to weather or route constraints.
  • There will only be a Final Day General Classification Prize Giving at the Open-air Venue after the Time Trial has been completed. All winners will be also be announced via Social Media and News Letters the following Monday.

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