Valencia Vbike at Sabie Experience

Valencia Vbike is proud to be the retail and technical support partner for the 2017 Sabie Experience. With a reputation for supporting local mountain bike races and a commitment to providing the best technical service to riders, Valencia Vbike will be prominent at the 2017 race with a full on-site workshop and retail store. We will stock everything from the day to day requirements of a stage race such as athlete nutrition, bike consumables such as brake pads, tubes etc to more specific accessories and parts to keep your bike in top shape each day of racing. Our trained mechanics can handle all situations and will ensure that you get to ride each stage regardless of what condition your bike finished the previous days racing! We will have a range of clothing available as well as a stock of helmets, gloves and some extra special deals for the riders themselves!

A couple of basic tips for riders gained over years of involvement would be – get your bike serviced a couple of weeks before the race and ride it a few times to check all is well! If in doubt, change it! Put new chains , brake pads etc and most important of all – bring a spare derra hanger!

You don’t need to book in advance, we will always stay up and burn the midnight oil until every last bike is fixed!

Good luck with your training and we look forward to seeing you!