NEXT EVENT: 30 April - 2 May 2022

NEXT EVENT: 30 April - 2 May 2022


An Affordable Stage Race for the Whole Family

30 April - 2 May 2022

Team Challenge 2022

An epic team race that will challenge you mentally & Physically

30 April - 2 May 2022

Team Lite 2022

An epic team race that is fun, affordable and family-friendly

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Family Fun

Beautiful Scenery

All Skill Levels

The Sabie Xperience

The Sabie Xperience is the place to be for every mountain biker!

Are you looking for a well organised Stage Race that is affordable and fun? One that you can actually complete no matter your skill level?

We know how stressful competing in a stage race can be, that’s why we have created a race that isn’t only Challenging but fun as well. The best part is we’ve made it affordable & family Friendly.

You can enjoy one of the most beautiful Stage Races in the world by competing in the 2022 Sabie Experience.

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Being dedicated Mountainbikers, Dennis & Denzil Lawrie decided to create their own race. This Race would be a family friendly stage race that is fun yet challenging at the same time. The inaugural event was established in 2004 and voted as the best stage race that year.

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We are so thankful that Sabie Xperience has a growing, loyal following of local and international riders (Vintage Club). Together these mountainbikers have done more than 13 of the 16 events. We are proud to be a part of a community that is always keen on racing through challenging terrains, make new friends and have fun while doing it.

We consistently serve the mountain bike community with a well organised stage race that promises to deliver a unique experience year after year. 

The Sabie Xperience was created out of a love for mountain biking. This race is set in the beautiful Sabie escarpment making it challenging with stunning scenery.

We’ve been hosting the Sabie Xpereince for 16 years in a row. Each year we get better at creating routes that are challenging, family friendly &  affordable. 

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Yes, a CSA Membership License is required

Day Licenses will be available at Registration.
cost for an event License @ R150 (R50 per day)

Recommended Accommodation in Sabie:

Floreat Riverside Lodge
Merry Pebbles

All  race results will be posted on the Sabie Xperience website 

Results Page

Race Rules, Refund Policy, Terms & Conditions
and Cancellation Policy

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This is a race experience of a life time. Loved every minute if it , through the pain of the hills and the striking beauty to be found all around. Tough but oh so worth it. Very special.
Sabie Experience 2017
Sabine Ruhl
This was my first proper stage race. Loved every minute. Thanks to all and to the wonderful people at all the refreshment stations. Wonderful food and attitudes. The ladies and gent on the last table on day 2 were super with chain lube and all. Was rough but worth it all the way. Made new friends, discovered some new depths of self, saw some unbelievable natural forest, legs grew climbing muscles that were never there before and enjoyed the mist. Thanks again to all involved.
Ryan Van Rooyen
Ryan Van Rooyen
It was MTB heaven! Big climbs, thrilling single tracks and technical enough to challenge you. It is one of the best MTB races I have done so far. Congratulations to all involved!
Adolf Wolmarans


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Merry Pebbles Holiday Resort and Caravan Park self-catering and ranges from, chalet’s, bungalows, cottages to lodges. Accommodation…

30 April - 2 May 2022

Team Challenge 2022

An epic team race that will challenge you mentally & Physically

30 April - 2 May 2022

Team Lite 2022

An epic team race that is fun, affordable and family-friendly